Gateshead Piano Workshops

Every month I lead a piano workshop in the Caedmon Hall in The Central Library, Gateshead in the north of England (see this Gateshead Alive page for its location). Hosted by Gateshead Borough Council, the aim of the workshops is simple; to give piano teachers and advanced pianists the opportunity to perform and discuss piano repertoire.

The format is equally simple; every month we choose a different theme, and participants are invited to perform pieces related to that theme. Each performance is followed by an informal discussion on the technical and aesthetic challenges of the work. Sometimes we also invite guest pianists with specialist knowledge or experience to lead the workshop.

The workshops start at 4.30 pm and the atmosphere is informal. Anyone is welcome to come either to play, to take part in the discussions or just to listen. The only thing we would ask is that, if you wish to play, please inform me beforehand on the Contact page.

The workshop dates for the next few months are:

  • Monday, 12th February 2024
  • Monday, 11th March
  • Monday, 8th April (TBC)
  • Monday, 13th May
  • Monday, 3rd June
  • Monday, 8th July
  • Monday, 12th August
  • Monday, 9th September
  • Monday, 14th October